Rat River Trading Post


This is a place where you can buy or sell firearms and hunting gear on your own. Rat River Outdoors is not responsible for anything that happens between the seller and buyer. We simply offering a place to advertise your product.

Message to the buyer:

Rat River Outdoors does not warrant the accuracy of any advertisements or information posted on the Site by third parties. Rat River Outdoors is NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE TRANSACTIONS BETWEEN VENDORS AND PURCHASERS THAT USE THIS WEBSITE.

All members are expected to abide by all laws regarding the purchase and sale of firearms, ammunition and any other items on the site. Failure to abide by any applicable laws will be grounds for blocking all of the site.

You are responsible for verifying the firearms have not been reported lost or stolen. You may check the status of the firearm at the Canadian Police Information Centre (http://www.cpic-cipc.ca/index-eng.htm)

Futhermore, all purchasers and vendors of firearms, ammunition, and any firearms parts should verify the other party has a  valid Purchase and Acquisition License. The transfer of any restricted or prohibited firearm must be approved by the Chief Firearms Officer in your province or territory of residence. For more information check http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/cfp-pcaf/fs-fd/sell-vendre-eng.htm